Talentronic Academy Sdn Bhd
91A, Jalan Sutera,
Taman Sentosa,
80150 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.

About Us

If you're looking for a professional handphone repair course academy, you have come to the right place. Talentronic Academy Sdn Bhd is an academy that offers mobile phone repair course. Our academy is located in Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru (JB).

Our academy provides diploma in mobile phone services management which is a CPE (Singapore) recognized, certification course, offering students a guarantee to work in Singapore and Malaysia after completion of the course. Don't miss the chance to attend our courses and become one of the professional mobile phone specialist.

A part from that, Talentronic Academy Sdn Bhd also make sure that the students will gain hands on experience from day one until they fully master the techniques. After attending our course, students will learn the basic electronic theory, mobile phone circuits analysis, using and handling of tools & instrument, soldering techniques, restoration of software, LCD external screen repair, mobile phone repair method, mobile phone repair business operation, business management, and marketing.

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如果您正在寻找一个专业的手机维修课程学院,恭喜您已来到对的地方。Talentronic Academy Sdn Bhd 是一间提供手机维修课程的学院。我们的学院坐落在新山的大丰花园。

我们的学院提供手机服务管理文凭,是由 CPE (新加坡)认可的认证课程,让学员可以在本学院完成学业后获得新加坡和马来西亚的工作保证。如果您是位对手机方面充满热忱,希望可以学习更多手机知识的话,请别错过成为一名专业手机专家的大好机会

除此之外 Talentronic Academy Sdn Bhd 也确保学员在上课的第一天就能亲自手动学习,好让他们能够完全的掌握各种技巧。 在完成我们的课程后,学员会精通基各种手机技术,例如基础电子理论,各种手机电路分析,手机维修工具,仪器使用与掌握,焊接技术,软件技术,软件修复,LCD 外屏修复,维修手机手法,和手机维修经营和安全须知。


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